We’re excited about World Labyrinth Day.

With just over two weeks to go we are so excited about our surprise gig No Quarter who will be rocking the botanicals in our labyrinth on World Labyrinth Day, Saturday 5th May.

Here’s the opportunity to celebrate all things labyrinthian.

A labyrinth is not only an aesthetically beautiful sacred structure in which one can contemplate the great mysteries of life, it makes it easier to shift into one’s organically changing state.

One walks the path of the labyrinth as it winds inwards, outwards, back and forth, towards the Centre and back into itself until one stands with gratitude at the exit. This process shifts our focus, changes our speed, moves our metabolism and literally helps us to be mindful. The present moment brings the gift of answers to a question one may have posed, new insight into a pressing problem or a sudden creative solution. It’s as if one changes gear from linear thinking into an innovative fluid mind map that opens one’s sight into the world of unlimited possibilities.

Completing the path both in towards the labyrinth and out, back along the same path symbolically demonstrates one’s commitment to one’s own life journey, distilling the essence of what one needs at that particular time.

Walking an outdoor labyrinth during different times of the year puts the seasons of life into perspective, too. Just as plants may die down in winter and suddenly revive in spring, we are reminded that we need downtime, time to hibernate, sleep and re-energize in order to bounce back as our best selves, reinvented and rejuvenated. While some plants are slowly growing, companion plants may be thriving. The contrasts in the labyrinth highlight the wonderful diversity in our world.

Walking under the full moon by the light of the stars, one is enthralled by the magic of our magnificent spiral galaxy, and the abundance of our planet where the sun sets to allow space for the sunrise to welcome a new day.

to find out more about our World Labyrinth Day!

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