The Pomegranate, a symbol of abundance

We’re entranced by the bright crimson blossoms that elongate into flowers and then slowly puff up into the most magnificent deep ruby red pomegranates.

An ancient fruit tree grown in the Himalayas to Rajasthani to Israel, some believe that rather than the apple, the pomegranate was the forbidden fruit.

Like a hidden treasure that’s pried open, one is enthralled by the infinite amount of deliciously juicy raspberry red pips. It is said that each fruit has 613 pomegranate seeds, representing the 613 commandments in the Torah, and pomegranates are traditionally eaten on Rosh Hashanah.

We placed this remarkable tree at the entrance to our labyrinth to symbolize fertility and abundance.

The decadently sweet pips are the perfect garnish for a pink gin, a citrus salad or to top a colorful seasonal pavlova.

Rich in vitamin C, the pomegranate is a powerful anti oxidant.

A tree of gemstones filled to the brim to bejewel the garden.

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