Recycling in our Community

We are happy to announce that we have found a way to recycle and to help a local person build his recycling business.

Paul, our Head of Grounds and Maintenance took us to meet Aaron Motsiri who runs his own recycling business in Refengkhotso.

We are helping him to build his dream by taking our recyclable items such as separated plastic, glass, tin and paper to him weekly.

Aaron has signed an agreement with us that he will ensure that no items from his business will create any litter in the location and will keep informing us of the recycling companies that collect the items from his premises.

Aaron lives in the same street as Motlalepula, one of our gardeners, so Motlalepula will be our eyes and ears on the project.

Not only are we helping the planet, we’re helping a person and his family, too. Let us know if you would like us to send you Aaron’s address in Refengkhotso.

Here’s Aaron’s home with his recycling space next to it.

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