Aromatic Sage!

We really feel as though we’re living in the countryside when we pick fresh sage for aromatic cooking.

Delicious as a rub in lamb, as an accompaniment to tomato soup, to spice up egg muffins and omelettes and to chop finely into our butter, it’s a daily “go – to” herb!

An ever green bush that flowers throughout the year, it’s a trusted element to add to a harvest table decor theme.

The beautiful purple flowers attract gorgeous butterflies and bees, too!

Sage is a companion plant to our grape vines and seems to love our soil and harsh climate. It’s easy to propagate and certainly fills gaps in our gardens and labyrinth.

Sage has amazing healing properties, too!

Sage is rich in nutrients, especially vitamin K. One can get 10% of one’s daily requirements in just one teaspoon of sage.

As an antioxidant, Sage is said to improve brain function and lower cancer risks.

Anti microbial properties of sage can help reduce bacteria that create dental plaque.

Sage may also reduce hot flashes and irritability in menopause.

We love the smudging properties of sage to keep the energy of our home clean and fresh.

What a magnificently wonderful gift of nature!


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