Salad Burnet

Sanguisorba minor, Salad burnet is an attractive perennial plant grown for both its edible leaves and its medi cinal properties. Medicinally, it was once used against the Plague and to control haemorrhaging, but today it is mostly known for its astringent properties. Salad burnet is a member of the rose (Rosaceae) family.

As an herb, salad burnet offers a clean, cucumber-like flavour. It’s an easy-growing plant that appears early in the season and holds up well in the heat. It forms a clump and stays pretty well contained and controlled, growing in a loose rosette. However, salad burnet can spread by rhizomes and it will self-seed.


Helps in treating Impotency
Salad Burnet has been known to boost the sex life of people and is normally utilized for the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction in men. Roots of this plant is dried and then crushed to obtain a powder which is utilized for this function.

Improve Digestive Health
Leaves of this herb are known to be helpful in treating issues related to gastro-intestinal tract and are utilized as a treatment for issue such as diarrheas.

Can treat Burns
Powder derived from the roots of this herb and then mixed with sesame oil has been known to be effective in treatment against burns and cuts.

Improves Oral Health
Utilizing the powder of the Salad Burnet you can make a mouthwash which helps in treatment against issues such as swollen and bleeding gums.

Treatment of Skin Problems
Salad burnet leaves can be infused and used as a calming treatment for skin-related problems such as eczema, rashes and sunburn.

Control of Excessive Bleeding
The term Sanguisorba minor is derived from a Latin word known as “Sanguisorba”, which means blood absorber. This suggests why this plant is a quick remedy for stopping bleeding. Interestingly, salad burnet can also be infused as herbal tea and taken to stop excessive bleeding and to prevent haemorrhage.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties
The herb has been known to possess anti-inflammatory qualities and therefore is an effective cure against issues such as gout and rheumatism.

Control of Cholesterol Level
Salad burnet consists of saponins, tannins, ellagitannins and glycosides (sanguisorbins), which are supposed to be helpful in reducing the cholesterol level. Another important cholesterol-reducing compound in salad burnet is the beta-sitosterol.