Joni Peddie

I facilitated a Workshop at Rnew Pecan Farm this last week. As facilitators, we underestimate the importance of the “ergonomics” of where we learn, discuss and improve our critical thinking and that it is VITALLY Important ! For those of you who know the Brain Discovery Profile (BDP) , from Six Seconds, you’ll be able to relate to this. 2 1/2 hours to meet ( for the first time ), engage, discuss each person’s BDP (the delegates were 9 CEOs), and then reflect was tough ! I can’t wait to facilitate there again. Only 90 mins from Rosebank. The two days after this workshop, I facilitated BDP again on Wed and Thurs for Bankers in their conference room, which had no windows and then obviously no fresh air and no natural light. From an awesome to a horrid venue. I had to work my bottom off to keep the delegates engaged! #criticalthinking4resilience #ergonomics4resilience