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Mint Serenade

December 27, 2019

There is something quite musical in picking a fresh spring of mint, to garnish a granita of lemon sorbet in harmony with Malfy Limone, or a Hendricks Gin cocktail quartet of lychee, rose tonic and mint!


Stella loves to join us in a duet, foraging for mint in our labyrinth. Mint may be the treasured note we compose with most!


It’s easy to drink two liters of water a day in a medley of mint and cucumber, or mint and strawberries, or mint accompanying lemon.


With its green menthol fragrance, mint decongests one’s sinuses, it’s anti microbial agents  freshen one’s breath and it’s oil soothes insect bites.


Crisply brewed mint tea comforts one before bedtime.


We love creating farm style mint sauce to pair with a symphony of lamb, mint and pumpkin pie.


Rats, mice and squirrels are deterred by mint, so we are in the process of planting this jarring herb around the base of our pecan trees.


A tiny arrow in our gardening quiver, mint is that note that adds joy to our labyrinthine composition.




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