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Bloedlemoen Gin is our first choice in our Gin and Food Pairing menu this week

Refreshing, yet spicy, with the lingering aftertaste of bloedlemoen, this South African hand-crafted gin is a delicious gin to serve with spicy roast pepper and chili tomato soup, accompanied with Naan Flatbread topped with basil pesto, roasted cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and hummus.

We love to bring out the gin’s citrus notes with a slice of fresh grapefruit, and to accentuate the spiciness with smashed hand picked basil and Fevertree Aromatic Tonic over ice.

Proudly celebrating the first blood orange gin in the world. Launched in 2015, this gin is made from the Torocco Blood Orange grown in the Western Cape.

Through masceration and vapour distillation, this gin boasts nutmeg, grains of paradise, cassia bark, coriander, cardamom, licourice root, orange peel, juniper and Angelica root in its ingredients.

Bloedlemoen Gin is an undisputed favourite in our home and at the farm.