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Evening Primrose

How fetching is the pink flowering evening primrose?

These delicate cups of pale pink, pink lace and hot pink grace us with their loveliness when they open in the late afternoon, until noon the next day.

A drought resistant perennial, this tiny beauty creates a magnificent spread in our labyrinth.

A forager’s dream, these edible flowers garnish both salads and gin cocktails!

Our birds find evening primrose seed irresistible. We do too! Omega -6 oils taken from the seeds are known to heal inflammation, neuropathy, diabetes and osteoporosis. We take these capsules to reduce the hot flushes inherent in our own personal summers.

The roots with their light peppery taste can be eaten raw.

The leaves can be used to tend to minor wounds, too.

What we appreciate most is the delightful cameo of evening primrose fairy pink as we sip champagne pink cocktails at dusk.