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The Alchemic Art of Distillation

There is an ancient joy in selecting a botanical to distill in an Alchemic art.

The dried botanicals have their own texture and fragrance. It’s a sensual process to crush the botanicals in a pestle and mortar to break them down into as many tiny molecules as possible.

Once they’re in their muslin bag in the alembique still, the beloved process of distilling begins.

As we light up the fires and the combination of water and ethanol start to boil, the alcoholic vapours pass through the botanicals to infuse the essence of the botanical.

As we distill, the fragrance, taste and texture of the distilled droplets change from the heads to the delicious hearts.

It’s a magical and mischievous process. Alchemic and a treat for all five senses as we discover the taste of the final droplets.